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Based on the data collected from our survey with volunteer agencies, volunteers can be involved in a variety of activities. These figures shows the prevalence of volunteer activities that are directly related to people living with dementia and/or their family and friends. It is clear that the common activities that are carried out by volunteers are supporting people with dementia to participate in social or leisure activities; undertaking social activities; visiting or befriending; being a dementia friend and supporting carers. By contrast, volunteers are less active in home care, such as gardening, domestic work and meal support, or professional services like counselling.


Figure 3 shows the specific activities that are undertaken by volunteers from these organisations that relate to volunteering and dementia care. We see that 76% of organisations have volunteers help with organising events or activities. Other common volunteer activities are raising money, administrative work, general helping out or help upon request. Activities that are relatively less common include volunteer management, committee work, campaigning, training or coaching, IT support and answering enquires.


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Just [for the people that attend the group] to have an enjoyable time, and particularly for the carers that come. I think they’re just as important, in fact if not more so. {Female volunteer, Cumbria)

But it shows you this is where you can do as much as you can for the person with dementia, but it’s the carer that’s the one, that’s the target, type of thing {Male volunteer, Stirlingshire}.

So it just gives me a wee break, you know, it’s good that way………Yes, it takes a lot of pressure off of me, and it’s good for [name] to get out with other folk, I think. You know, instead of just being together, the two of us, though. {Male Carer, Stirlingshire}.